A new look and feel for a next generation digital fundraising service

InvestMyCommunity receives a complete redesign along with the additional of a range of new features and benefits for fundraisers

Easier to use

We have completely re-designed the user interface to make it more engaging and easier to use. This means that visitors will find content more easily and they will be able to dive into the campaigns, news and helpful content more quickly.

The site has also been restyled to work better on phones, tablets and other mobile devices. It is more touch friendly and no matter the device you are using, you should be able to track the progress of your campaigns more rapidly.

We have also streamlined some of the behind the scenes functionality of InvestMyCommunity too. We’ve listened to our customers and there are now many more ways to showcase your campaigns and the progress you are making to ensure your campaigns are even more successful. 

A better look and feel

The new InvestMyCommunity design is how we always imagined InvestMyCommunity would look. The first generation of our site was put in place quickly as we were inundated with requests from DonateMySchool users that saw the value of what we do and wanted to have the same simple and rapid digital fundraising capabilities for their other projects and causes. 

Today, we’re launching an entirely new way of fundraising and we’re putting your campaigns at the heart of everything you do. So there are new ways to promote, discover and share content on our site. 

By improving how it looks we’re also making the site more attractive to prospective donators too. That means more money for your campaigns. 

The look and feel of the site will continue to evolve more rapidly and dynamically moving forwards and we look forward to sharing every improvement with our growing base of passionate and engaged digital fundraising champions.

More creative options

With the introduction of a new look campaign page, we’re giving organisations and their fundraising champions the chance to showcase their campaign in even more ways. We’re giving fundraisers the ability to upload more media content on their campaign page – with an even greater focus on video.

With our redesigned campaign page, we are simplifying and streamlining the donation side of our site as well as bringing together all of your content in a single place. 

We’ve made it easier for your donators to make donations with our QuickDonate facility, which slims down the process and we’ve also made it easier, as an organisation, to launch additional fundraising campaigns. 

We’ve got many other new ideas to share and over time, these new creative options will be added to what is soon to be come one of the most engaging and functional campaign landing experiences available on the market today.

Fantastic way to share

We’ve increased the types and diversity of content that you can upload and share on the new look InvestMyCommunity platform. Whether you want to upload a campaign leaflet, pictures relating to your campaign, important documents (such as plans) or embed videos from popular video sharing platforms, InvestMycommunity does it all.

You can upload and make available documents in support of your fundraising campaign to make available a much more diverse and interesting set of content items to support your digital fundraising success.

We’ve also made it easier for visitors and donators to share your campaign on their own social media platforms. 

With just one click, directly from your campaign page, you can now share your campaign on twitter, facebook, linkedin and you can even create a shareable link that you can copy into your computer, tablet or mobile device’s clipboard and then share by email.

We’re excited to bring a whole host of additional sharing features to you in the future too. Please continue to give us your feedback about all these new sharing features.  

With the new InvestMyCommunity platform we’re transforming the digital fundraising experience for local community organisations. But this is just the start of an exciting new journey for us and for our fundraising champions. We will continue to invest and evolve the platform to ensure you can maximise the success of every fundraising campaign you host on our service. 

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