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On Thursday 3 March, from 4-5pm, InvestMyCommunity will host the free online webinar, 'Why we are the Right Fundraising Platform for Community Organisations', exploring why and how InvestMyCommunity is dedicated to community organisations and the benefits, features, tools, and services we offer. 

Below we have provided a sneak peek into just some of the topics we will be covering: 


InvestMyCommunity places community organisations and local charities at the forefront of everything we do. Our market-leading platform has been designed to meet, and exceed, the needs and requirements of community organisations – providing a variety of fundraising options and a wealth of tools and features.  

Why is InvestMyCommunity dedicated to community organisations? 

The community sector has been under-served in the fundraising space, and often placed at a direct disadvantage with high set up and subscription fees standard across many fundraising platforms.

At InvestMyCommunity, we believe that community organisations and smaller charities deserve a fundraising platform built specifically with their needs in mind, and we feel strongly that they should never be charged set up or subscription fees when fundraising for their cause.

Our focus is helping community organisations and smaller charities raise money effectively, efficiently, and easily, and provide them with all of the support and tools they need to succeed.

What does InvestMyCommunity offer?  

InvestMyCommunity offers multiple fundraising options and a wide range of tools and features. This includes: 

  • 'Regular Giving' is our ongoing fundraising option, and our 'Crowdfund a Project' option enables you to raise funds for a specific project or initiative.  
  • 'Premium' unlocks our full suite of fundraising features and support designed to maximise success. 'Essentials' is our alternative option for a simple DIY fundraising campaign. 

Some of our most popular features include: 

  • Leader boards. A favourite particularly for schools and sports clubs, this feature allows individuals to set up their own fundraising pages under the umbrella of your main campaign page, with a leader board of who has raised the most to add some friendly competition. 
  • Fundraising Hubs. This tool is most used by faith organisations with multiple diocese, academies with numerous schools, and other parent organisations with several member organisations.  
  • In Memoriam pages. The passing of a loved one can be marked by inviting family and friends to make a donation to your faith organisation or charity in their memory. 
  • Occasions or dedication fundraising pages. Anyone can launch their own fundraising page and invite donations to their favourite charity, faith organisation, school, or sports clubs to celebrate a special event, such as a wedding, christening or baptism, birthday, first communion, and more, with just a few clicks. Untitled design (4)

And much more! 

We will also be exploring our ethical fee structure,  who we work with, customer success stories, and answering some of our most asked questions.  
Don’t miss out on this chance to learn everything you need to know to start fundraising with us, and everything you need to know to make the most of your existing fundraisers with us! 


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