Santa’s Running All Over the Country…

But we’re not talking about Santa’s annual whirlwind tour around the world delivering presents to the well behaved children. Ho ho ho? No No No.

We’re talking about the Santa Runs.

It’s the time of the year when children across the land don their red and white costumes and show Santa how it’s done. Running, that is. This year, the David Ross Education Trust (DRET) selected InvestMyCommunity to be the digital fundraising platform partner of choice for Santa Run 2020.

From an initial plan to trial our platform in a couple of schools, DRET decided to roll out the InvestMyCommunity platform to all of its 34 schools. With our support, the Trust was able to set up individual sponsorship pages for over 800 pupils in a couple of weeks. So far, it has raised over £22,000 on our platform alone – and saved many, many hours of sifting through paper sponsorship forms and counting cash.

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