Does anyone want to buy a laptop? Turns out you all do!

Well maybe not all, but many. If there’s one trend we’re seeing as 2020 comes to a close it’s that a lot of campaigns are being launched to raise money for new technology, such as tablet computers and laptops.

As one example, Ernest Bevin College turned to its celebrity alumni for support of its “Laptops for Lifechances” campaign with words of support coming from Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London and Lennie James, the well-known actor and star of The Walking Dead and Line of Duty.

Friends of St Michaels School in Knebworth recently ran a successful campaign for their provisions of online learning.

The Globe Primary is also raising money for laptops and aims to provide every pupil within their school a laptop to ensure they have access to online learning. FOGS(Friends of Globe School) have raised over £10,000 enough for 66 laptops!

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