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No set-up fees. No subscription fees. Zero platform fees.

InvestMyCommunity is committed to providing affordable access to digital fundraising for ALL charities and community organisations.

It doesn’t cost you a penny to register and start fundraising on InvestMyCommunity.

Simple, fair fees.

Digital fundraising is one of the most cost-effective ways for charities to raise funds but every platform must earn revenue to invest in the website and cover its costs. Even those which claim to have zero charges, somebody is paying, somewhere - it just might not be obvious who.

InvestMyCommunity takes an ethical approach to pricing - our charges to all of our client organisations are simple and transparent.

A Competitive Payment Processing Fee

Our Payment Processing Fee is just 1.4% + 20p of each donation. That’s lower than JustGiving, Crowdfunder, Enthuse – and just about every other platform.

And it’s the same or lower than the basic payment processors such as PayPal, SumUp and Stripe – and you get so much more with InvestMyCommunity: more fundraising features, more support, and we collect Gift Aid on your behalf.

Gift Aid Processing Fee

To collect data for Gift Aid and submit claims on your behalf, we charge just 5% of Gift Aid.

Both the payment and gift aid processing fees are deducted from funds passed to your organisation – that’s it!

Zero platform fee!

We have abolished our platform fee! That’s right – 0% platform fees1.

Instead of charging a platform fee, we offer donors the option to add a small voluntary contribution to their donation to cover our costs.

However, some supporters are still surprised that there are costs involved when it comes to raising funds online so we explain clearly how their voluntary contribution will be used. That's fair, right?

1See T&C's for full details, including our "fair fee" policy.