Get more with Premium - more content, more features, more support!

Did you know that take up of a high % of donators typically take up InvestMyCommunity’s “Donator Pays the Fee” option? They generously cover our fees on your behalf so that you receive 100% of their donation. This means that the net charge for Premium could be as low as only 1.8% or less – or just £5* more than Essentials for every £1,000 raised! 

* For illustration purposes only based on 70% of donations being received with “Donator Pays the Fee” applied. No guarantee is given or implied.

Features Essential Premium
Commercial Options
Marketing Fee 3% 5%
Payment Processing Fee (on money only - this fee is not charged on Gift Aid) 1.5% 1.5%
Subscription Fee N/A N/A
Campaign Type
Crowdfund a Project Yes Yes
Regular Giving Yes Yes
Sponsorship No Yes
Banner Image 1 1
Logo 1 1
Gallery 0 6
Videos 0 3
"About Us" Written Content (characters) 2,000 4,000
"Why We're Raising Funds" Content 2,000 4,000
Standard Fundraising Features
Unique URL Yes Yes
Social Media Sharing Buttons Yes Yes
Supporter Messages Yes Yes
Embedded Donation Button Yes Yes
Downloadable QR Code Yes Yes
Community Engagement Features
Individual Fundraising Pages Yes Yes
"Teams" Fundraising Pages No Yes
"Occasions" Fundraising Pages No Yes
"In Memoriam" Pages No Yes
Leaderboard No Yes
Organisation Directory Page No Yes
Parent Directory Page Yes Yes
Communication Opt-Ins
Organisation Yes Yes
Collect Gift Aid Yes Yes
"Donator Pays the Fee" Option Yes Yes
Full Reporting Suite Yes Yes
Online Resource Centre Yes Yes
Premium Support* No Yes
Assigned Client Success Manager No Yes
Technical Queries Yes Yes
Campaign and Fundraising Queries No Yes
*Premium Support
N/A 30 min intro call
N/A Brainstorm Ideas
N/A Campaign Content + Structure Advice
N/A Ongoing Monitoring and advice