Virgin Money Giving closes on 30th November.

After this, Virgin will stop accepting donations and your fundraising page will close automatically.

If you have fundraising planned beyond 30 November 2021, now’s the time to find a different platform. Click here to find out more about how InvestMyCommunity compares.


Like Virgin Money Giving? You’ll LOVE InvestMyCommunity!

Don’t risk losing your donators by waiting until the last minute to move platforms.

InvestMyCommunity is the UK’s only community-focused fundraising platform, providing all the top-quality features of Virgin Money Giving – and so much more!

And with no set-up or subscription fees, you can move your fundraising campaigns seamlessly at no cost whatsoever.

We are exclusively focused on community organisations that we all support and rely on every single day.

InvestMyCommunity provides a wealth of user-friendly tools and features to fully engage your entire community in your fundraising efforts – and of course, we collect Gift Aid on your behalf.

Like Virgin Money Giving? You’ll LOVE InvestMyCommunity!

Raise funds the easy way with InvestMyCommunity and Churchmarketplace: Exclusive offer for CMP members

With the continuing reduction in cash donations and the ongoing crisis faced by our society, there has never been a more relevant time to embrace new ways of raising funds for your organisation.

We enable you to raise funds safely and securely online or via mobile, helping you to bridge your fundraising gaps.

We’re the first digital fundraising platform dedicated to supporting community organisations. Raising money for your church or school could not be simpler. It takes just a few minutes to set up a really impactful campaign – anyone can do it!

Raise funds the easy way with InvestMyCommunity and Churchmarketplace: Exclusive offer for CMP members

Simple, fair fees - and no hidden charges!

We believe in taking an ethical approach to our pricing – we keep our charges simple and transparent.

There are no hidden or fixed charges – that’s no set-up fee, and no subscription fees. It doesn’t cost a penny to launch your campaign!

Special rate for Churchmarketplace members

Churchmarketplace has negotiated a special offer with InvestMyCommunity for its Premium Service. With our Premium Service, we can help you design your campaign, track its performance and optimise its success. We also offer a helpdesk to support your fundraising goals.

InvestMyCommunity Premium offers loads of content, photos and videos, a full suite of features including mini-campaigns to engage your community, and the support of a dedicated campaign manager.

As a valued CMP member, the charge for InvestMyCommunity’s Premium Service is just 4% of funds raised instead of the usual 5%.

Special rate for Churchmarketplace members

If you prefer our DIY option to run a simple campaign with basic tools, then Essentials is 3% of funds raised.

Whichever option you choose, there is a small payment processing charge of 1.5% of the money donation only. Note that we do not add a fixed amount; for example a fixed 20p adds another 4% to a £5 donation.

Simple, right?

Our "Donator Pays the Fee" option

We prefer to be honest – we are a business (albeit a tiny UK business!).

We will NEVER use misleading language to (mis)represent ourselves as a non-profit organisation, nor use disingenuous language or underhand means to solicit a “tip to cover our operating costs” from your supporters.

Instead, InvestMyCommunity is 100% transparent: we tell every donator exactly how much our fees are for their donation, and we offer them the OPTION to cover our fees on your behalf, so that you receive 100% of their gift.

This is completely discretionary – and unlike other platforms’ “tips” or “voluntary contributions”, InvestMyCommunity earns the same fee whether the donator chooses to cover it or not.

But typically a high percentage of supporters take up of this option so you receive more of your funds raised.

In fact, the net charge for Premium could be 1.56%* or less of funds raised – lower than just the payment processing fee of other platforms – and could cost just £3* more than Essentials for every £1,000 raised!

Click below to download a PDF illustration of how our fees apply – and how InvestMyCommunity’s “Donator Pays the Fee” option could benefit your organisation.

* For illustration purposes only based on c.70% of donations being received with InvestMyCommunity’s “Donator Pays the Fee” option being taken up. No guarantee is given or implied.

How could you benefit from InvestMyCommunity?

“InvestMyCommunity has provided the 90 parishes within the Diocese with a much-needed new way to donate and this has proved a vital additional lifeline for us. We think this will play an ever greater role in our future fundraising.”
Diocese of Shrewsbury

Benefits of InvestMyCommunity for Every Client

  • Safe and secure. A safe and secure online platform providing everything you need to set up fundraising campaigns and start raising funds immediately.

  • Reduces the GiftAid burden. Registered charities can claim an additional 25% for every donation made by a UK taxpayer.
    InvestMyCommunity will collect this on your behalf removing an administrative burden.

  • Raise more, more often. Donator pays the fee option so that you receive 100% of the donation. Plus, there’s no limit to the amount or frequency of donations: when you’re online with InvestMyCommunity, you can raise funds 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

  • You can set up regular giving programmes. A major contrast to in-person giving, your congregation can opt to make a regular, automatic donation with a debit or credit card giving you a fantastic foundation on which to accept the public’s generosity. Most InvestMyCommunity church fundraisers use the regular giving approach to gain fundraising predictability.
Benefits of InvestMyCommunity for Every Client
Benefits of InvestMyCommunity for Every Client

Ready to start fundraising?

If you have received an offer letter from Churchmarketplace, please do not forget to enter the appropriate offer code when prompted.

Need more information?

Book a free consultation with Chris Rose, CEO of InvestMyCommunity!

What if I am already an InvestMyCommunity fundraiser?

There’s great news for existing members of InvestMyCommunity that are Churchmarketplace members. You are already pre-qualified for our Premium Service at the same specially negotiated rate as new fundraisers. 

You should have already received an invitation to upgrade from Churchmarketplace. Just get in touch with your InvestMyCommunity Campaign Manager, quote the code, and they will move you over to our Premium Service without delay.