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Welcome to InvestMyCommunity's Client Success Team!

The sky is the limit with InvestMyCommunity!

Fire up the booster rockets and blast through your fundraising goals with free access to our dedicated team of Client Success Managers.

Every charity and community organisation enjoys the support of a dedicated UK-based Client Success Manager - however much you expect to raise.

Our experts are at the end of a phone or online to help you at every step of the fundraising journey. They'll provide advice on campaign content and structure, how to create a comprehensive and effective communication strategy and provide ongoing monitoring and advice to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

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Campaign Strategy & Design

Campaign Strategy
& Design

We work with you to plan and design your digital fundraising campaign. Once, we understand your goals, we will work with you to build a campaign to meet them.

Content and Communications Support

Content and 
Media Support

Our team of content and copywriting experts will help you to design the look, feel, words and media items to go on your fundraising campaign page.

Campaign Delivery


Communication is key to the success of any fundraising campaign. We'll draw on our expertise and experience to help you plan a comprehensive and effective communication strategy.

Active Campaign Monitoring & Advice

Active Campaign
Monitoring & Advice

While your project campaign is running, or throughout the duration of a Regular Giving campaign, we will keep a track on the performance of your campaign. We will also contact you if donations are not going as hoped.

Extra Resources for Your Team

Extra Resources
for Your Team

InvestMyCommunity gives you access to a pool of digital fundraising expertise to improve the productivity and efficiency of your digital fundraising campaign. It's like having an extra member of your team.

Your Perfect Fundraising Partner

Your Perfect
Fundraising Partner

We provide provide more than support for your immediate fundraising requirement. Every client enjoys complimentary quarterly calls or online meetings to discuss your fundraising goals - and how we can help maximise your success.

A colleague said we would be lucky to raise £1,000 by Christmas. But in just 12 weeks we had raised over £8,000 and now have regular donators!
“When the doors of our churches closed last March, we lost about two-thirds of our donations in an instant because our congregations were no longer able to give in person at Mass. InvestMyCommunity has provided the 90 Parishes within the Diocese of Shrewsbury with a much-needed new way to donate and this has proved a vital additional lifeline for us. We are seeing a gradual rise in donations made on InvestMyCommunity and while our congregations are still finding their feet with regular giving online, we think this will play an ever greater role in our future fundraising.”
We successfully raised £8,012. To any other schools thinking of crowdfunding – do it! It’s easier than you think!
The team at DonateMySchool were very supportive and gave excellent advice….our fundraising page is a great example of their expertise. We are very proud of the results!